White Chocolate dipped strawberries with a cream cheese filling!


White Chocolate dipped Strawberries stuffed with a creamy Cheesecake filling & topped with a blueberry!

1 Pint of strawberries
Handful of blueberries
8oz regular or reduced fat cream cheese – softened
1/2cup of sweetener of choice (powdered sugar, baking stevia, splenda, etc)
White chocolate melting wafers
Optional: Sprinkles

Wash, dry and hull strawberries. Slice a small portion off of the narrow tip so that they will stand up on their own. Melt the white chocolate in the microwave according to package instructions. Dip each strawberry about half way and place on a piece of parchment paper (you could also dip into sprinkles at this point). Place in the refrigerator to set. Next mix the cream cheese & sweetener together in small bowl until well combined. Place in either a pastry bag or zip loc bag with the corner cut off and pipe filling into strawberries once the chocolate has set. Top with a blueberry either on a pick or just set into the filling.

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