*NEW PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT – “Paleo Butter” by Paleo Fuel and Fire*


*NEW PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT – “Paleo Butter” by Paleo Fuel and Fire*


“Paleo Butter” is a rich, nutritionally full ‘GHEE’ made from 100% grass-fed cows cream. In other words, it’s an entirely new way to enjoy butter! It combines the centuries old tradition of Ayurveda with the incomparable taste of browned butter. But, what is ghee, and what’s the point of taking it further? Ghee -quite simply- is butter that’s had the milk solids and water removed through heat. The remaining product is pure butter fat; it’s a shelf-stable cooking oil. Ghee is dairy-free butter that’s nutritional and certainly applicable to all types of cooking.

This ghee is so creamy & sweet that not only can you cook with it, but you can even eat it on a piece of toast. The texture & taste are truly fabulous. This was my first experience with ghee and I’m happy to say that I LOVED it!

Head on over to their website and check them out. They get 2 thumbs up from me: http://www.paleofuelandfire.com/

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