Caprese Egg Sandwich!

Caprese Egg Sandwich!

Caprese Egg Sandwich!


1 Thomas’ light whole wheat English muffin
1 large egg
2 roma tomato slices
1 slice of fresh mozzarella cheese
1tsp olive oil
1tsp balsamic vinegar
2 fresh basil leaves – chopped
1/2tsp Paleo Butter (@paleobutter)
Fresh ground pepper
Optional: balsamic glaze

Place sliced tomatoes in a small bowl with olive oil/balsamic vinegar, basil and top with some fresh ground pepper – set aside and allow to marinate while you prepare everything else. Heat the Paleo Butter in a small skillet over medium-low heat. Once hot, carefully crack the egg into the butter and place the muffin in the toaster. Allow the egg to cook for about 2 minutes and then flip and top with the cheese slice. Cover with a lid and cook for an additional minute. Remove from the heat but leave the pan covered to allow the cheese to melt. Layer the English muffin with the egg/cheese, marinated tomatoes and top with a dash of pepper and balsamic glaze.

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